About Me

I am Josh Kendall, I implement ideas.

I started building websites in middle school for fun back when Netscape Composer was something that still existed, tables ruled layouts and FlamingText.com was the go-to place for cool logos. By the time I started high school I had made the decision that I wanted to be a web developer when I graduated.

During my high school years, I had a chance to work on the school website multiple times. The first time was as a member of the computer club, which I don’t believe lasted a full semester since the school was being remodeled at the time. The second and third times were as an intern during my junior and senior years. During both of these internships, I was able to design and develop the website the way I wanted to which allowed me to use CSS and Javascript as needed. I was able to use things I learned from places such as PlasticPilots and StyleGala.

Upon graduating high school, I moved to Pennsylvania to attend Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts (which became the Art Institute of York and now no longer exists). At BAVA I learned to appreciate typography and to use it appropriately. During my final semester, I started working at Inovat in Elizabethtown, PA as a junior web developer. Ironically, my bosses didn’t think much of the college and the reason I was hired was that my coding portfolio consisted of quality work that I completed on my own time.

In 2009 I left Inovat and moved back to Maryland. For the next two years, I did freelance development work which allowed me to diversify my programming languages, moving from only PHP and Actionscript to Ruby, Python, Objective-C, and Java. In 2011 my brother and I started Simple App Group. At Simple App Group, we focused on web and iOS applications. Being a development company in a small rural area isn’t easy, we had projects here and there, but it seemed like we did a lot more quoting than we ever did on development. By 2015 we had decided we wanted to change what we focused on. We closed the Simple App Group and started Kendall and Kendall.

Kendall and Kendall was going to focus on only iOS applications and WordPress based websites. For the last four years, we’ve done just that. Most of our projects have been websites and we have been busier than we ever were with Simple App Group (it’s also been easier to convey our name over the phone). Depending on how things go for the remainder of the year, 2019 might be the last year of full time focusing on web development for me.