When Blogs Were Blogs

Do you remember a time before Medium when blogs were blogs and people used WordPress, TextPattern, and Moveable Type to write about everything? I remember when I would search for a question on Google and end up at a random blog where I would find my answer and then a bunch of other interesting posts would be found.

Today it seems like everyone is using Medium and information is no longer being freely shared. Medium took the crappy practice of the paywall used by newspapers and applied it to everyone’s content. I can read two or three articles and then pay up or piss off. The paywall doesn’t care that the article I read last didn’t solve my issue like I hoped it would, I read it so pay up if I want to try again.

“Just ignore the Medium results”

That’s a fair statement and I usually do but sometimes Medium is the only place that comes up with good posts. The other results are usually StackOverflow questions that don’t have answers, Github issues that aren’t what I need but have the same phrase I searched in the comments, or are “blogs” with one sentence and then a pile of code to decipher.

When showcase sites like StyleGala were around and popular people took pride in their blogs, their design and their content were reflections of themselves. You could get to know someone from their posts and their style.

“But your website doesn’t represent you, it’s using a free theme”

This site is using WordPress and a free theme, it’s not the best representation of me, but it’s an ok one. I like minimal designs because it lets the content show. I’ve been too busy making themes, plugins, and custom applications for clients to have time to do this site justice, but I have plans for this site. I’ll be moving to a different CMS, making a custom theme, and providing two user experiences. A standard accessible one with no JavaScript and an enhanced Vue.js experience that I will use to test new Vue.js ideas and components.

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