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Hi Josh, this is X from Y, give me a call back at [number], again my number is [number].

A voicemail from today

That example above was actually in my voicemail this morning. See, I let all numbers not in my phone go to voicemail. I’m not going to stop what I’m doing to play 20 questions with a telemarketer or deal with wrong numbers. If you reach my voicemail and I’m not the person you are trying to get ahold of you will find out then. If I am, then leave a good message.

“This is X from Y, call me back at [phone number], again my number is [phone number]” is not good enough.

“This is X from Y, call me back at [phone number], again my number is [phone number]” is not good enough. I want to know why you are calling me, even if it’s a generic reason like “a billing issue” or “to discuss how we can make our product better”. I stop what I’m doing to answer phone calls for two categories of people, family, and clients. If family calls and it’s not important I let them know I’ll call them back. If you are not family or a client and leave a message that gives me no reason, you will not hear from me.

Photo by Luis Villasmil on Unsplash

Today’s caller’s name doesn’t come up in a Google search with the phone number or company name. It came into my Google Voice number which is the number on file at the company he mentioned, but it’s also a company that people pretend to be with to scam people. I guess if it’s important he’ll call back & leave a better message or send me an email since it’s on file. Worst case scenario I spend an hour updating my Google Voice number with services.

Local businesses get this, a business I order from multiple times per year can leave me a message saying “Hi Josh, this is X at Y. The Z you ordered is in & ready for pickup.” or “Hi Josh, this is X at Y, can you give me a call at […], there’s an issue with your order.” If they can do that then big businesses can too.

If I could find local businesses like that for every service I need I would use them exclusively.

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