For the longest time, web development was my hobby, then it became my career and even though it now took up more of my time than ever before I still tried to find time to just build things I wanted for fun. I took advantage of free time to try and learn new frameworks or languages that I could use for future projects.

For the last two years, I’ve been working for the same client and while I’ve had the opportunity to learn some new things such as Vue.js, Microsoft Azure, and that Infor doesn’t make web services that I like to use. I just haven’t been able to do anything web related outside of the work because I needed a break from the computer. I picked up one new hobby that will hopefully lead to a few more related hobbies, but they are outdoor hobbies and in bad weather (too hot or cold, rain, snow) I don’t like participating in them. I need a decidedly indoor hobby that can be done regardless of what the weather is.

I’ve been thinking about what I want to do and while I attempted woodworking and still do it, it is also affected by the weather since I have a tiny less than one car garage and need to move tools into the driveway to use some of them. I need something that can be done inside or at least mostly inside and doesn’t require a large investment in tools or equipment. I think I’ve found the answer.

Leather Crafting

I’ve bought the bare essentials plus a few things that might not be essential at the moment but saves on shipping later. I’m in $280.42 so far with all of the tools and materials to make three dog collars. If this doesn’t work out 95% of the tools I can offload on eBay. If it turns out to be a fun hobby I can invest in larger pieces of leather and $30 more in tools to cut strips. The same tools needed for dog collars are used for belts so once I figure out dog collars I can make myself some belts. I have a hard time finding decent quality belts that I like so being able to make my own and know the quality.

I started considering leather crafting because it looks like a fun year-round hobby, the thing that pushed me towards it now is a bad purchase. I bought a leather item from a seller who touted their products as exceptionally high quality and found that it didn’t meet my expectation of quality. For an individual who has been doing this for many years, I expected quality as claimed, not splotches of stain on the back of the item.

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