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I am 32 and I’m going to be happy

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It’s January 2019, which means I turned 32 last month. For the last year I have been thinking about what I truly want in life and how to get to that point. I’ve come to realize that web development is not the path to that point.

I used to say I loved my work because it was fun, but I feel like the fun has gone away. Web development has afforded me the opportunity to work on some interesting projects but keeping it as a 9-5 doesn’t work. I end up spending my evenings and weekends working to get things done, I find myself constantly waiting for deliverables with nothing to do, or I find myself with no work at all.

The fact that a website isn’t a tangible item has made it difficult to find work at times. In 8 years of both freelancing and running a business I have never had a local client. I’ve met with multiple potential local clients but they balk at prices, even when I’ve intentionally cut the price because I knew that the price it would cost had zero chance of being accepted. I stopped cutting prices, have raised my rate several times, and found clients out of state who will pay it.

However, I can’t work on a project and find the next project at the same time especially when I’m spending evenings and weekends on the actual project. So I need to do something else. I’m not ready to proclaim “I will do X as my next career” because I’m in the middle of a project and will likely have two other related projects to complete afterwards, but I need to get out after that.

For now I’m just planning what I want to do this year as a 32 year old. I’ve never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions because everyone expects you to give up on them so it’s easy to do so. Instead I’ve waited almost three weeks to write anything down after spending a lot of time thinking on each item.

This year I will:

Transition to a new career. Turning web development back into a hobby / side project so I can pick and choose what I want to work on without having to rely on it to pay bills. The new career will be a 9-5 job that allows me to leave work at work when I leave. I plan on this new career to be something I can do as a sole proprietor that also results in a tangible item being rendered or at least a service that results in a noticeable difference and has a pricing structure that people both understand and accept easily.

Buy property. I will either buy a house with at least 6 acres of land or buy just land and figure out building a house on it. I want a small house on a decent amount of land so I can accommodate some of my long term goals. When I was younger I always thought it would be great to be rich and have a big house or to live in a city. Now that I’m older I really just want a small house with some space away from neighbors in a rural area.

Spend more time on my hobbies and start a few more. Some of them require having the space to practice but I can start or have started them where I currently live and will expand once I have the space to. I have woodworking tools I’ve bought and used a few times but I’d like to expand my skills and actually build some things I need as well as just use it as a way to unwind. One of my problems is my woodworking space isn’t heated and is very narrow so in the winter it’s not an enjoyable space to be in. I haven’t been in there since September so I want to find a hobby that can be done indoors that doesn’t require a lot of space to do during the cold months.

Reduce the number of items I own. By getting rid of everything I don’t need with the exception of tools. It’s always good to have a tool and not need it than need a tool and not have it. I still have boxes of stuff from when I lived in Pennsylvania that haven’t been touched since I moved 8 years ago.

Start a garden. My plan is to have a garden on my property that I want to buy but since that may not be completed until late 2019 I’m going to plan on building some raised beds at my current home and grow 2-3 different vegetables.

Spend more time outside and lose weight. These two should go hand in hand and be easily accomplished through some of my hobbies and gardening. I’m not going to go with any exercise plans like C25K because I don’t stick to them.

Update this website more often. This website was dormant for a long time with no updates and eventually just gone because I moved everything from Github and never set this back up. I got around to setting up WordPress over the Christmas break but until today I hadn’t done anything with it. I’m using a simple theme made by someone else and just worrying about content. So I’ll be posting when I have something to write, it might be two sentences or two thousand words. I won’t commit to it even being about specific topics. It’s going to be whatever I feel like writing about.



I am currently a software developer, hobby woodworker, aspiring gardener, and generally a nice person.

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