I'm Josh Kendall; a software developer. In middle school, I discovered websites were relatively easy to build and started learning all about HTML. By the start of high school I was pretty good with HTML, was interning in the library and in charge of building the schools website.

If I wasn't doing school work or playing video games I was reading about things like CSS, PHP, Javascript, and spending a lot of time on forums/award sites like Plastic Pilots and Stylegala. By the end of high school, I had two years of interning under my belt, two redesigns of the school website, my first freelance client, and I knew I wanted to build websites for a living.

I went to college to get better at the design aspect of building websites and then started working in the industry when I graduated. In 2010 I started freelancing full-time, and in 2011 I started a web development company with my brother. In 2015 we decided to shut down that company to launch Kendall and Kendall LLC to continue web and iOS app design and development but focus on not just client projects, but our own projects.