Josh Kendall

I'm a Founder of Kendall and Kendall LLC where I have a hand in both the design and development phases of projects.

I spend most of my time working in Ruby and Swift but I am always learning something new. In the past I worked on projects for insurance agencies, event companies, soil surfactant developers, BBC Worldwide, and Avalere Health.

I hold an Associate of Specialized Technology degree in Digital Arts from the Art Institute of York, PA. After graduation I stayed in Pennsylvania working near Hershey, while living in York and then Elizabethtown; I currently live in Queenstown, MD. When not working I enjoy Trappist beers, good scotch, books about giant prehistoric sharks, board games, and Tennessee Titans football.

Want to chat about something? If it's short let me know on Twitter and we can direct message, need a longer form of communication? Shoot me an email.