Josh Kendall

iOS, Ruby, & PHP Developer

Founding Partner at Simple App Group, software developer, and writer. I write about development, business, and marketing.

  1. Scorpion Isn't Depicting Real Hacking and It Doesn't Need To

    CBS premiered one of it's new shows Scorpion this past Monday, I recorded it and finally had a chance to watch it tonight. Overall I enjoyed it and plan to continue watching it because I found it entertaining. I went about my night of working and catching up on TV…

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  2. Leave Me Alone, Stop Pushing Me

    I've been overnotified for a long time; between text messages, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, email, and half a dozen other apps that send notifications I almost always have a new notification on my iPhone. Today I woke up at 6am and already had three emails, one is a Google alert that…

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  3. RFP Series: When providing wireframe documents

    At Simple App Group we get requests for proposals (RFP's) on a regular basis, they range from just a few paragraphs explaining the project to monsterous documents that range from 30-100 pages. Most of the time the larger RFP's are easier to complete because they include more information, designs, and…

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  4. Kurin is getting Kickstarted

    I posted the other day about Kurin the new simplified gimmick-free Content Management System I want to build, well today I've launched a project site, Github organization, and Kickstarter project for it. I've tried Kickstarting ideas before, but they never panned out because they were likely too niche of a…

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  5. Kurin - Content Management, Simplified.

    I've had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of content management systems (CMS's) from well known favorites like WordPress and ExpressionEngine, to the lesser known ones like Graffiti and Code4Design. I've also had the opportunity to build multiple sites on custom CMS's and on top of systems like…

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